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Scarlett March UK Porn Film

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Another clip today from UK Street Sluts, this time featuring the British porn actress Scarlett March.

Meeting her atop of some windswept hill, and opening with his best chat-up line: “So you want to be on Stars In Yours Eyes?”, sometimes you just have to wonder how Jim manages to get all these beauties back to his apartment and duly shag them senseless. But who am I to question his methods.

This lucky geezer has fucked tons of British porn starlets, all captured on film and available at the huge movie archive – have a look at UK STREET SLUTS :)

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Mature and Young hardcore scene with Jim Slip

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Another installment from Britain’s silver-haired pork swordsman Jim “The Gentleman” Slip.

Dirty Old Man! Jim Slip strikes again...

This week his shady contact “Gustav” has arranged for some Euro bint to visit Jim at his apartment, which she duly does – dressed in the shortest of mini skirts and the skimpiest of blouses. Sing hosana.

Jim had this to say about the encounter:

You’d be hard pushed to get hornier than Bernice, who also turned up wearing knee-length socks, and fuck me they were sexy. She had a massive smile on her face throughout the scene – a very cheeky grin, which I find to be a massive turn on!

Press play on the movie below to watch a clip of the afternoon’s filthy fuckfest :)

SEE THE FULL PORN MOVIE HERE – I think you have to agree that seeing Jim give this young hottie a good rogering gives hope to all us blokes yet – maybe there is a life to be had in middle age after all!

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Filthy UK Porn Slut Robyn Truelove

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Blast from the past here from the huge British Porn Archive at Jim Slip’s UK Street Sluts in the form of English smut model Robyn Truelove. Gentleman Jim had this to say about his encounter with Robyn:

I’m afraid that this week’s babe is so damn cute, I couldn’t fit her cuteness into a one week update. Just the stripey knee-high’s got me going to start with, I mean, fancy a girl wearing something like stripey knee-highs underneath her trousers, what’s the world coming to? Anyway, getting her on the bed, for her preliminary bout of camcorder fun, seemed to drive her sex mad and I had to fight her off getting her hands on my dick……for a full 30 seconds! So settle back and enjoy a closeup view of a babe desperate for cock!

Manchester lass Robyn has driven down especially to have a go on Jims cock, and by the time he gets her on the bed she’s obviously gagging for a portion – watch the movie above to see her in action – FULL MOVIE AND BRITISH PORN ARCHIVE HERE

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British Porn: Rebecca Smythe & Lara Latex

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Back again after a bit of a break. Did you miss me?

Well of course you didn’t miss me, but I’d like to think you missed the dollops of British Porn that I haven’t been able to serve over the last couple of months.

Anyway without further ado, the 1st offering I have for you here is another little update from Jim Slip & his UK Street Sluts – this time the slut doesn’t disappoint – Rebbeca is slutty as fuck. Not only does she look good for the camera, she talks a good game as well.

At least I thought she talked a good game, until I thought I heard her refer to her fanny batter as “Cunt Cheese”. After listening to it again I realised she probably said “Cunt Juice”. Cunt Cheese might have been funny tho, I might expect an X rated Alan Partridge to turn up, ram a fork into it and run through the BBC car park offering allcomers to smell it. Can you tell I’ve just got back from an afternoon in the pub?

Full British Porn Video at UK Street Sluts

Paige Turnah – Filthy British Babe

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Jim Slip out on the hunt again for Bitish pussy and as expected he finds – and fucks – a great specimen of the much sought after lesser spotted British slut. Not that this British babe has much in the way of spots on her – she’s pretty bloody fit.

Jim describes his encounter with Paige Turnah:

This week we’re back in the UK with a Lara Latex lookalike! Paige dressed up in heels, seamed stockings and a floral dress and lurking under that sweet exterior was a WANTON SLUT with absolutely NO SHAME! Mind you, anyone in seamed stockings has me in need of sedation!

It’s a nice enough scene, she’s dressed “prim and proper” one moment, then before you know it her seamed-stocking clad legs are all akimbo and she’s gagging on Gentleman Jims love truncheon.

It’s nice to see a proper British slut back on UK Street Sluts – click the banner below to see the extensive parade of UK porn beauties available on this great site :)

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Angel Long Hardcore Movie From UK Street Sluts

Monday, April 18th, 2011

British porn favourite Angel Long seen here in a scene from UK Street Sluts.

Jim Slip from, hero of the amazing UK Street Sluts site is no stranger to leggy beauty Angel Long and describes this latest encounter:

This week we have an audience with Angel Long. Many will recall Angel’s first appearance on the site some 6 years ago and at the time she was a pretty wanton slut. This week she lies on a bed with me and recalls, tales of her exploits, whilst jamming my dick into her mouth, which would be quite difficult to do for most girls, but not for “Crowned Queen of Sluts”, Angel Long, who managed to suck my dick, tell her story, sniff the bed sheets and get fucked virtually all at the same time!

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Posh British Porn Totty Holly Kiss Fucked

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Jim Slip again proves he’s Britain’s luckiest luckbox by chancing upon a damsel in distress in the form of British porn chick Holly Kiss stranded after some kind of convenient mishap with her car.

Ever the gentleman our man Jim comes to the rescue, not by whipping his dipstick out and waving his magic wand, but by giving Holly Kiss a lift to his apartment and talking her into indulging a spot of rumpy pumpy.

Full British Porn Video at UK Street Sluts

UK Street Slut Priscilla Lovett

Monday, November 15th, 2010

Todays dollop of British porn is once again served by Jim Slip in a handy wank-sized portion. The main course features some bird called “Priscilla Lovett” .. Jim reckons that Priscilla wrote to him asking to be featured on his cracking site UK Street Sluts.

In the video we see the obligatory meeting between the hunter and the hunted, this time in the car park outside Jims apartment. She tells him that she’s a fan of his British porn stuff, and that she wants him to fuck her on camera. This must be the luckiest bloke in the world.

Full British Porn Video at UK Street Sluts

British Porn Star Kerry Louise

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Busty British Pornstar Kerry Louise takes time out of her busy schedule from fucking her way across America to meet our grey haired charmer Jim Slip. Jim reckons he was amazed by the size of her tits, saying that each boob was the size of his own head.

After trying for ages to get Kerry Louise fucking on video, Jim Slip tracks her down sets up a meeting with her under Tower Bridge in London. After a quick chat amongst the rat shit & tramps piss he takes her back to his apartment and fucks her brains out. Or wait – does he? It turns out that he’s more than met his match – and this big titted British porno model is a handful in more ways than one – she absolutely fucks him silly. Check the Kerry Louise video below to see what I mean.

Full British Porn Video at UK Street Sluts

British Housewife Porn

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Jim Slip out on the prowl with a hidden camera on the hunt for British housewives willing to get fucked on camera for his British porn site UK Street Sluts.
He spots a chubby British housewife and our silver tongued hero doesn’t waste any time in chatting her up and going in for the kill. In next to no time he’s got his pray – in the shape of Rebecca, a UK amateur who it handily turns out has a history of hardcore porn – lured back to his flat where she dresses up in schoolgirl uniform. I have to say that she looks like a 1st class slapper – which is nice.

Have a gander at the video below and watch Jim Slip work his charm before fucking this dirty British housewife up the arse. See more of his antics at his archive movie site – Gentleman Jims UK Street Sluts

See the full movie and a fuckload more British filth